A writer’s journey

A grand adventure lies ahead of me.

  • Brisbane to Paris
  • Onwards to London and then to Stockholm
  • Around the southern coastline of Sweden and up to Oslo in Norway
  • Westwards to Bergen by train and bus and ferry
  • North to Tromso within the Arctic Circle
  • Hurtigruten coastal steamer to Molde though the Lofoten Islands
  • South to Stavanger and west to Tonsberg

Edinburgh will be my destination where I have two glorious weeks in Scotland before the long trek home to treasured family and friends. My son, Paul, has made his home in London and will be traveling with me for some of the way through Sweden and Norway. Extended family in London and Edinburgh have offered the sanctuary of their homes. I am fortunate indeed!

Why make such a journey at this particular stage in my life? For the past decade, I have been driven by a passion for Scottish medieval history which has provided the inspiration for my first novel. Book One of ‘Sisters of The Bruce’ nears completion whilst Book Two is buzzing about in my head. At times, this is an uncomfortable, tantalizing process. I am completely under its spell. I can no more stop now than give up coffee or chocolate or long afternoon naps on leisurely weekends. Writers of historical fiction will understand – the desire to see for myself the landscapes which have moulded the lives of my characters. If it is at all possible to live a life both past and present, then that is where I find myself.  

I welcome your company on this intriguing journey. Even I am not sure what I will find nor where it will end for to follow a dream is like holding a star in your hand: it scorches and thrills and beguiles.

2 thoughts on “A writer’s journey

  1. Ruth Rowan says:

    Wow – beautifully written Jeanette! You have converted me to the joy of the blog. Ruth R.

  2. diaspora52 says:

    From one budding writer to another, thanks Ruth.

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