A Sarcophagus or Cenotaph – if it’s all the same to you?

Have you ever written a blog and then thought, deep in the middle of the night of course, something you wrote was not quite right: well, incorrect to be exact. What was I thinking? Here I am to fess up before some more knowledgeable person corrects me with a generous dollop of glee.

To be sure I did know this fact – tucked away somewhere in a dusty, do-not-delete file in my brain – but the writer in me got carried away, imagining Robert the Bruce, in his sorrow, leaning against his family’s sarcophagus mourning the death of his grandfather. A  touching vision indeed, but it couldn’t have taken place unless he was a time traveler!

For a start it’s not a sarcophagus: it’s a Cenotaph which is more of a memorial and was completed much later in honour of the Bruces.

I’m actually on holiday at present, enjoying the sun and sand of New South Wales glorious coastline and therefore don’t have my normal historical texts to hand. Perhaps I could blame my glitch thus wise – a touch of the sun or too much vino!

So a quick Google search this morning tells me the Cenotaph was constructed in 1521 and it did stand on the floor of the Guisborough Priory. It was removed in 1540 and dismantled but most of its parts were recovered and reassembled in the 19th century where it was displayed in Saint Nicholas’s church, as it is today, next to the ruin. There is more to this story of course, but it is an ongoing  testament to the Bruce family that such a memorial was constructed and that it survived Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries.

I stand corrected. Now where’s the sun screen and let’s hit the beach!



4 thoughts on “A Sarcophagus or Cenotaph – if it’s all the same to you?

  1. I do hope it is the vino. I have a picture of you waking up in a fog in the middle of the night blushing over your blunder. You are usually so spot-on, I think it’s hysterical! I, of course, would never have picked it up but, as you say, someone would.
    So let that be a lesson to you. No blog posting after a glass or three of wine, okay?

    • diaspora52 says:

      Yeah Karenlee. It’s a bit of a hoot but I thought if I didn’t clear it up some one else would. I have learnt my lesson! Having a great time atYamba. How are you? Any more news? Cheers Jeanette—

  2. Don’t feel bad, if I had a nickle for every time I confused a sarcophagus with a cenotaph… whew!

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