Canada – Vancouver Island; Part Three

Our journey took us to Vancouver Island, just a short ferry ride over from the city of Vancouver on the mainland of British Columbia.

On the southern most tip of the island, the city of Victoria straddles the picturesque harbour. Two grand buildings dominate the foreshore: the Empress Hotel built by the Canadian Pacific Railroad Company and the Legislature building which is lit up at night in spectacular fashion. 

Around the harbour,  a path winds its way to the fishermen’s wharf. As we wandered along it, a seal swam beside us, chasing a fish for its lunch. Tiny ferries criss crossed the harbour whilst sea planes took off and landed with ease.

At the wharf, houseboats of many colours and unique designs lined the wooden planking. Our lunch of halibut and chips was delicious. Several wasps thought so too and some of the vendors had wasp traps set to catch the freeloaders.

Another great place to visit was the Royal British Columbia Museum which has many cultural displays as well as tremendous panoramas of the local flora and fauna.

The world famous Butchart Gardens set  my gardening pulses tingling. To wander amidst the flower beds and trees was inspiring but I now must fess up to a serious dahlia addiction!

Sadly I’m having trouble displaying my photos  with my IPad so you’ll have to trust me that Victoria and Vancouver Island are well worth a visit. We wished we had more time to explore the island from top to bottom.