North Yorkshire – Some Great Castles!

Let’s start with Richmond Castle! What a spectacular location! No wonder it was never besieged – it was impregnable! Set high above the river, ‘Richemont’ was a post-conquest castle. It’s earliest sections were built around 1071 by Alan the Red of Brittany. The Dukes of Brittany morphed into the Earls of Richmond but the English kings often took control of Richmond Castle. A very chequered past!
My interest in the castle has a Scottish twist in that King David II, the adult son of Robert the Bruce, spent some of his imprisonment here. In 1346, he invaded near Durham and at the Battle of Neville’s Cross, he was injured and captured. What a blow to Scotland! Inevitably David was taken to the Tower of London but his imprisonment in England lasted eleven years. How things might have been different if this terrible event hadn’t taken place.