Another Five Star Review for ‘Sisters of The Bruce’!

Just came across this great review of ‘Sisters of The Bruce’, posted on in late May.

Informative, Absorbing and Entertaining:

The mark of a really good historical novel is that it informs the reader about the period in which it is set in a way that makes the reader feel part of it. This Harvey achieves with style.

The novel tells the story of a group of people who are generally ignored by history: the women related to a famous historical figure. As was so often the case in history, it was the women who suffered – and in the case of the Sisters of the Bruce, terribly – for the decisions and actions of their men folk. This novel brings their suffering to light.

Underpinning the novel is the story of one of the most complicated periods in Scottish history, which is told with warmth and understanding, principally through a series of imagined letters between Robert the Bruce’s sisters. This ingenious stratagem really brings the period alive and makes compelling reading, despite the fact that the character of each sister must at best be an inspired guess. It works because of the extensive research the author carried out and the quality of the writing.

I highly recommend this novel to anyone who is interested in Robert the Bruce and the period of the Scottish Wars of Independence or simply in the lives of women at this point in history.”

My sincere thanks to the reviewer, Gartmore, who took the time to post a review.