Are Independent Book Stores Alive or Dead?

Sisters of The Bruce

I’m here to tell you that Scottish independent book stores are alive and kicking, and punching well above their weight! That’s not to say times aren’t tough with online bookstores flourishing. For such a small country with just over five million people, Scotland has an astounding literary tradition. It celebrates this heritage in supporting independent bookstores and countless book festivals are run each year. And with such an inspiring landscape, it is a veritable paradise for writers!

On my most recent visit, I was welcomed at many of these wonderful small institutions across the length and breadth of the country.  Come with me on this intriguing journey…

Here are some of my favourite book stores whose shelves, I’m pleased to say, hold copies of my novel – ‘Sisters of The Bruce’.

As a self-published author, the challenge is to have your work accepted on its merits rather than dismissed by superficial judgements about self-publishing as a whole.  Historically, many Scots both…

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