Some Festive Cheer

To celebrate this festive season, come along with me to two of my favourite drinking establishments in Scotland. Oh… if only I could be there to shout you a drink!

Some of you might know the Canny Mans hotel in Edinburgh’s Morningside. A treat for the eyes and never dull…. I can spend hours here just checking out all the interesting bits and bobs that enliven the walls and, yes, the ceiling.




For our next round, you’ll have to travel south to Dumfries but it was a place well-known to¬† a certain poet.And if it was good enough for Robbie Burns then the Globe Inn is certainly good enough for me! DSC00498DSC00490DSC00486DSC00489


For me, these old buildings hold echoes of conversations past, whispered secrets, memories tucked away midst the paraphernalia and golden glow of half empty bottles.

I catch the clink of glass, the slow intake of breath, and imagine stories embellished at the end of the working day….surely too sad tales of times not so good – jobs lost, bills unpaid, individuals and families damaged by immoderate imbibing – but hopefully somewhere in the mix, good cheer and open-hearted friendship especially at festive times.

With 2016 coming to a close, I’ll be thinking of my own past visits greatly enjoyed within these lovely old walls, and wish you all, wherever you are in the world, a happy, safe and peaceful Christmas and Hogmanay, and a joyous future.