Book List

Allen, Tony. (2002)  Vikings: The Battle at the End of Time, Duncan Baird Publishers

Barron, Evan Macleod. (1914) The Scottish Wars of Independence, Barnes & Noble

Barrow, G.W.S. (1988) Robert Bruce and the Community of the Realm of Scotland,

Edinburgh University Press

Barrow, G.W.S. (1981) Kingship and Unity, Edinburgh University Press

Barrow, G.W.S. (1971) Feudal Britain, Edward Arnold Ltd

Blakely, Ruth M. (2005) The Brus Family in England & Scotland 1100 – 1295, Boydell Press

Boardman, Steven. (2006) The Campbells 1250-1513, Birlinn Press

Coredell, C & Williams, A. (2004) A Dictionary of Medieval Terms & Phrases, D.S. Brewer

Cowan, E.J. & McDonald, R.A (Ed). (2000) Alba. Celtic Scotland in the Medieval Era,

Tuckwell Press

Coventry, Martin. (2001) The Castles of Scotland, Goblinshead

Hall, Richard. (2007) Exploring the World of the Vikings, Thames and Hudson

Jesch, Judith. (1991) Women in the Viking Age, Boydell Press

Magnusson, Magnus. (2001) Scotland. The Story of a Nation, Harper Collins

Morris, Marc. (2009) A Great and Terrible King, Windmill Books  

Oram, Richard. (2000) The Lordship of Galloway, Birlinn Press

Paterson. James. (1863/2003) History of County of Ayr. Vol 2. Carrick, Grimsay Press

Prestwich, Michael. (1988) Edward I, Guild Publishing

Ross, David. (2010) Women of Scotland, Luath Press

Sawyer, Birgit & Peter. (1993) Medieval Scandinavia, From Conversion to Reformation,

University of Minnesota Press

Sawyer, PH. (1982) Kings and Vikings, Methuen & Co

Sutherland, Elizabeth. (1999) Five Euphemias. Women in Medieval Scotland 1200-1420,

St Martin’s Press

Tranter, Nigel. (1987) The Story of Scotland, Lochar Publishing

Walker, Sue Sheridan. (1993) Wife and Widow in Medieval England, University of Michigan Press

Watson, Fiona. (1998) Under the Hammer. Edward I & Scotland 1286-1307,

Tuckwell Press

Young, Alan. (1998) The Comyns 1212-1314, Robert the Bruce’s Rivals, Tuckwell Press


Crawford, Barbara E., (October 1990) North Sea Kingdoms, North Sea Bureaucrat: A Royal Official Who Transcended National Boundaries, Scotland Historical Review Vol LXIX 2: No 188: pp 175-184


Bryggen Museum, Bergen

Corrigal Farm Museum, Orkney

Norse Folke Museum, Oslo

Viking Ship Museum, Oslo

SIGNIFICANT WEBSITES  – folklore, culture, weather & history – The Dominican church in Norway



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